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Gellan gum


Biochemical Technology Industry

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Biochemical Technology Industry

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[Scope of application]
As a multifunctional additive, gellan gum can be widely used in food (such as gel products, fruit-based products, starch-based products, beverages, etc.), pharmaceuticals (such as soft and hard capsules), cosmetics (such as personal care products), chemicals (Such as air freshener), and textiles, petroleum and many other industries, most of which can improve the quality of products in this industry and reduce costs.
Food: beverages, sweets, jams, jellies, jellies, synthetic foods, pet foods, icing, icing, milk products
Drugs: eye drops, soft and hard capsules, microcapsules, coating
Cosmetics: personal care products, perfumes
Chemical: film, adhesive, toothpaste
Agriculture: slow-release fertilizers
Other: Microorganism, plant tissue culture medium, photosensitive film, air freshener
Typical Food Applications of Gellan Gum
Main food areas Typical products
candied sugar
Jam and Gel
synthetic food
water-based gel
Cake stuffing and pudding
Pet Food
icing and frosting
Milk products

Beverage with Gel, Beverage with Pulp
Starch Gel, Jelly, Filler, Marshmallow
Low Heat Jam, Artificial Jam, Bread Filling, Gel
Artificial fruit, vegetable, artificial meat
Dessert gel, aspic
Instant dessert, tin pudding, pre-cooked pudding, pie filler
Tinted meat section, gel pet food
Cake icing, can icing
Ice cream, gel milk, yogurt, frozen milk fast drink


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