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Newsletter sign-day June 2010 3

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2010/12/02 01:16
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Newsletter sign-day (bimonthly)
 June 2010 3 (Total 109)
     Code review Wang Weiying
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     ● and Labour peer
     ● hard to forge ahead
     - Record Printing and Dyeing Company Vice President Cai Haiyong
     ● Dickens aggressive pursuit of regrets
     - Wei, deputy general manager of Hutchison House, Tin Yat small
     Corporate style
     ● sign-day printing and dyeing, "Bu-bu high "
     Activity reports
     ● sign-day celebration of the 50th anniversary of the cause
     ● fifteenth trade union activities, table tennis
Press digest
● Who plan your life
S first language
And Labour peer
    Qianjiang station has reported that: five prime of life in the big man actually lived under the bridge opening half a year, usually by begging or picking up trash bucket for the leftovers make a living. Many people understand this much, several large, hey man, why not use their hands, on their own labor to feed themselves?
    "Work hard to ease disgrace" is now a common value trends, it is like a moral ruler, always measure people's words and deeds, when we are diligent effort, work there too, the whole community will be stable and harmonious. Instead, idle, doing nothing people will be a drag on the family and society, the world will only be despised and cast aside.
Labor is the source of human civilization and progress, labor is the key to open the door of happiness in the "May Day" International Labor Day approaching, let us also work in the Acura, from which a deeper understanding of the implication, so firm and labor counterparts faith.
    And labor counterparts, because labor is the source of creating a happy life, labor creating material wealth, to provide basic necessities for our basic conditions, allowing people to settle in and thrive. I think the world should not be a real value of things can not get through the hard work and the future is in our own hands into, so we need next is still hard work to create a better, happier life.
    And labor counterparts, because labor is a shortcut road to success. Although the work is hard, but labor is not a desert mountain, but a hidden treasure of the deposits. Labour to give people knowledge, people in the labor actively explore, gain experience, to improve itself, the process is full of wisdom and strength, can help the success of labor, and only pay the hardships and efforts, to the twists and turns to smooth, Feeling happy in hard work, difficult to obtain in the success.
    And labor counterparts, because labor is tempered character will treasure, labor is not only a means to create material wealth, but also a spiritual sustenance, but also sharpen the human will, cultivating the noble character of the best practice. Labor so that we all face more difficulties and setbacks calmly, stronger.
    Labor history, present and future; labor creates wealth, knowledge and will; labor to create the entire world, and create the happy life we have today. Let us walk with the labor, the labor embodied in the beauty and magnificence of life and realize the value of life and the pursuit; to our work colleagues, to find happiness, dreams, and create the future; to our work colleagues, to strive to create warm and harmonious society, thus promoting the rapid and stable development of society as a whole.
Hard to forge ahead
- Record printing company vice president Cai Haiyong
Wang Lixia
    May Day, comrades honor to be named Cai Haiyong Zhuji City labor model. Applause sound flocking to his wishes, and the face of such awards, he was just indifferent smile, humility was palpable.
    "Rome was not built in a day." Cai Haiyong comrades have today's achievement is not accidental. In 1991, only 18 years old he entered the sign-day group, the first day of reservoir management in the levy at work, and then in aluminum plant also worked for some time, because of his practical work and work hard, work hard, to be led phase eye , in November 1994 transferred to the new levy-day preparatory work of printing and dyeing company, which is fifteen years dry!
    I am with him in the same year into the printing company, worked fifteen years have witnessed the past fifteen years in the printing and dyeing company bit by bit. I remember just joined the printing company, his job is shaping steps, then we process is the process for the shirt fabric: fabric - singeing - before treatment - bleaching (dyed) - drying - stereotypes - finished product. Shape is the last process is to determine the quality of the final joints. Therefore, a direct impact on shaping the quality of the finished fabric, including fabric formation, handle, dimensional stability, water shrinkage, skew, width size and a series of important parameters. Production and processing time because we just started, both technically and very lacking in experience, Cai Haiyong monitor as stereotypes deeply responsibility on the shoulders, and he humbly ask to employ to master, and through their own exploration practice, trial and error again and again, and finally determine the optimum shape shirt fabric: temperature 180 ℃, speed 55m/min.
    This setting has the feel of cloth out of fullness, softness, size, stability and many other advantages, access to the customer's recognition and praise. He also taught himself unreservedly to the apprentices of technology and his colleagues, and we learn together, together.
    In recent years, due to his serious and responsible work, outstanding performance, the company has served two terms as League branch secretary, section chief, workshop director and other positions. December 2008 to assume the comrades from Cai Haiyong dyeing plant Printing and Dyeing Company is principally responsible for more than a year, he's important in this new position to give full play to his management skills and business in order!
    Is well known that from our printing company in recent years several people have of running out of their own dyeing factory, the processing of our products, we had dug those customers and business. Price competition, quality competition, service competition! Printing company caused us a certain influence.
    Cai Haiyong valiant comrades at a crucial moment, decided to stir up the burden of managing the dyeing workshop. He first led the mid-level meetings to study together, and everyone unity of thinking, changing concepts, analyze the situation and build confidence. And lead by example, and middle cadres often criticism and self-criticism, thus to improve our political consciousness, and moral quality and management level. Lead the staff eyes inward, internal potential, pay close attention to production and quality, from top to bottom in the whole plant to carry out energy saving, high yield and quality of activities, called on everyone to save every unit of electricity, every drop of water, per kilogram of additive per gram of dye. Implementation of the duties, penalties and rewards, yield, quality, and work closely linked awards to encourage staff Zhengyouchuangxian, to actively promote the work of staff enthusiasm and confidence. At the same time increase the technological input, newly installed oil heat boiler 6 million kcal, South Korea produced stereotypes, scouring and bleaching combination machine, slitting machine, singeing machines and a series of advanced dyeing and finishing equipment. "Hard work pays off." Dyeing and processing plant in 2009 a total of 66.7 million meters cloth shirt stall, the output value 62.6 million yuan. 4,5 months of this year's production reached 7.8 million meters, the average value of 8.66 million yuan, the average unit price of 1.105 yuan / m, the indicators are in a single month record the history of printing and dyeing company the most!
    Employees are the root, Cai Haiyong gay positive efforts to encourage staff at work, spare time and staff sincere talk, exchange ideas, to narrow the distance between employees and greatly stabilize the workforce.
    "Self-sharpen the blade of sword, plum blossom from the bitter cold." Fifteen years, Comrade Cai Haiyong three shifts shape from an ordinary monitor the growth of today's production vice president of printing and dyeing, bleaching and dyeing workshop the main contractor and operators, step by step, all the way sweat, all the way hard, have today's achievements and honors. We should learn from him, encourage him! Congratulate him once again!
Dickens aggressive pursuit of regrets
- Wei, deputy general manager of Hutchison House, Tin Yat small
Chenming Dong
    In 1988, he was out of college, into the sign-day work of the Group. Twenty years, he was always hard working and dedication to work, worked hard all day in the production line, production and development for enterprises to make a positive contribution, he was named Zhuji City, is the "top-notch professional talent," the House Small Yat comrades.
Thirst for knowledge, and never meet a floor of small Plaza dedication, and create the basis of performance. The pragmatic attitude of humility and perseverance, it is twenty years his work a consistent doctrine.
    1988, Lou Xiao Yi assigned to Zhengtian Putao Tang factory and alcohol fermentation in the production, at work, he was serious, systematic study of food processing, alcohol Tilian, preservation techniques, in the event do not know where Chengken advice to Shifu, to book-learning, continuous learning and practice, to make his knowledge of literacy and work skills quickly been enriched and improved.
    In 2002, due to work hard, outstanding performance, by the sign-day glucose plant transferred Tin Wai company planning group (the company was the only Asian production of gellan gum, a polysaccharide products of high-tech enterprises). Although for many years in the food processing industry, but the face of the new high-tech areas and the product structure, he felt the lack of knowledge. But his personality is not throwing in the towel, back in the face of difficulties and more negative expectations of his leadership. Qualified products out as soon as possible, you must have the appropriate expertise. He plunged headlong into the sea of books, read a lot about gellan gum production
technology, equipment installation and other professional knowledge, he repeatedly went to the Shanghai Public Wai companies, and experts and professors to study, discuss and research. While in Shanghai, the company's laboratory, all sample Wei manufacturing basic success, but the lack of production experience, resulting in pre-production quality is not stable enough, at this moment we are worried, the problem in the end went wrong? How to solve? With the problem, he and all the company group of experts together to seriously discuss Wei, repeated studies, and professor of special advice to the provincial ASTRI, efforts to find a cracking method. After two years of continuous practice, and gradually worked out a set of 5 from the laboratory to rise to 500 liters of process parameters, product quality has stabilized.
    As the day the company's technology leaders Wei, Yi F, the small role of a man well aware of the maximum is limited only to the potential energy of everyone around all the development and release them, give full play to the wisdom and strength of the team, work will glow vitality. He actively advocated the "happy work" of the new ideas within the department to create a harmonious and healthy, lively and progressive work atmosphere, effectively mobilize and motivate the technical staff of the initiative and creativity. His work as much as possible so that they play a leading role, there is a problem, take the initiative to assume responsibility; achievements, the positive encouragement. Under his leadership, the Tian-Wei technical and quality control personnel assiduously and successfully completed a number of technical guidance and quality control tasks.
    Gellan gum as the industry leader in the face of gellan gum is no industry standard industry practice, has the responsibility to create industry first, worked out the industry standard and service in the enterprise public. To this end, he and technicians began a new journey. To enable the standard to accurately reflect the performance, he read a great deal of information, through an interpreter to learn about the American standard of gellan gum, after nearly three years, the guidance in the province of CAST's other technical assistance and joint efforts Under the new standards released, this one a rally of his efforts and sweat!
    Building small Yat believe that every encounter a new problem, new difficulties, are a chance to exercise and improve, not just a pressure, but also is encouraging people to continue to forge ahead to develop the power. During the sign-day glucose factory, he fermentation process, equipment, a series of technical improvements. First solve the problem of large-scale fermentation Bacterial contamination of the problem, then the equipment modification, the fermentation equipment, 30 tons of carbon from the cement pond fermentation tank to enable the production to further stabilize and improve. On this basis, to improve the fermentation process, to expand the training section in the original strain to cancel and switch to buy directly into the solid fermentation of yeast, saving manpower, greatly reduce production costs.
    Wei 2002, the company broke ground in days, which is sign-day Group launched the first high-tech projects. Group leaders named by the House, is responsible for installation of small Plaza, facing the actual internal data is almost zero. The face of difficulties, building small Yat not flinch. Information gaps, he had been bookstore, online collection of technical information, technical deficiencies he led the technical staff to Jiangsu, Shanghai, site visits, learn other people's success stories. He actively organized designer day and night, hundreds of drawings to modify the design unit, saves money for the enterprise more than 50 million.
    After entering the process design stage, he always Zhidao operations, timely solutions to difficult problems in a variety of production to ensure that the pre-production on When completed by the end. January 2003 to enter the pilot production stage, he directed the technical staff and workers of the fermentation tank for debugging, to ensure a success.
Yat practice to work with a small building a new understanding, grasp and know more business knowledge and technical workers must have a basic quality, and high sense of responsibility is the key to job success. In recent years, building a small number of Yi has successfully participated in technology research projects, by improving his diaphragm, 50 ton fermentation tank and other equipment for enterprises save a lot of production costs. Currently, he has adopted a number of reasonable suggestions by the company, access to leading the praise.
    Looking back, building a small step forward Yi knew the hardships of each face of the future, his heart full of hope, because the success made him sweat more determined, more confident.
Corporate style
Sign-day printing and dyeing, "Bu-bu high"
Xuanzhang Wei
    At 10:58 on March 18, 2010, when the colorful fireworks in the printing company over the bloom, when the S & P Factory Celebration, we silently blessed her for her through our ups and downs was fifteen years pleased, but also for her bright future sustenance of the deep hope, we believe that tomorrow will be better.
Companies from 18 March, 1995 production date, has undergone enormous changes. From the original production line, developed to the six production lines; 722,774 from the old stereotypes, and now imports Korean production stereotypes; dye vat from the original seven to the present 50; less than 100 employees from the original now more than 500 employees; from a humble beginning dyeing factory, and now become a well-known brands of printing and dyeing enterprise in Zhejiang ... ... make peer admiration. Processing of fabric 66.7 million meters in 2009 compared to 65.82 million meters in 2008 increased by 1.3% in 2009 to create the output value of 62.6 million yuan, compared with 59.82 million yuan in 2008 increased by 4.6%, average unit price from 0.90 yuan / m up to 0.94 Yuan / m, these data strongly suggests printing company continued to grow and develop.
Looking back fifteen years, can not be said to be plain sailing. Financial crisis on the impact of production and operation, energy, raw materials, transportation costs continue to rise, environmental protection, clean production requirements continue to increase ... ... but as long as we stand united, hold a ball, not the bucket never had. Leading the development of printing and dyeing company convert ideas, change their business models, improve the management contract responsibility system. This greatly aroused the enthusiasm of the contractor and the enthusiasm of the staff, to make efforts in energy saving and emission reduction, not only big business, and benefit increases, but also pay less defects, the customer's word of mouth naturally better.
"Sell themselves." Since March of this year, our company's fabric processing business in an unprecedented season, piled Baipi is in tiers, where the gap slightly outside the workshop were fully utilized, and even parking spaces the company has been temporarily accounted for the seat, something that makes the envy of peers how to do it! In March, though by water pollution, the impact of wet coal, but still processing cloth 7,390,000 meters, of which only 30 day to produce 301,600 meters of fabric, the highest since the company founder refreshed daily production records, sending a steady stream of finished fabric to the customer, have to make them a thumbs-up, keeps complimenting our high efficiency, not let them miss this season in vain.
    Results are encouraging, but in this era of rapidly changing technology, to companies in an invincible position, only to lay their own basic skills and solid manner. We believe that, with a good helmsman, dedicated crew, we "sign day" No. This is the first ship will be able to enter the wider sea.
    Activity reports
    Zheng-day celebration of the 50th anniversary of the cause of reported
    60 years from the day the cause of symptoms started in October of this year have come a half-century of glorious history. To cherish the memory of the past, ushering in the future to further promote the spirit of Zheng days to promote the cause of better and faster development levy day, the group decided to be held in January this year levy of 5 to 10 business days to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a series of activities, activities included wood beams pioneered by Comrade Huan Zheng days 50th anniversary of the cause, the cause of symptoms 50 days of anniversary celebrations of the General Assembly, and the essay competition, media coverage, variety show and other activities.
    Zheng-day activities of the Group Table Tennis Sidelights fifteenth trade union
    Style living for active employees, enhance team cohesion, April 28, jointly organized a group Gongqing Fu fifteenth session of the workers table tennis. There are eight units in more than 40 players participate in the competition. Competition, the players sweat, positive and hard work, after several rounds of intense competition, the final printing and dyeing company employees Xuanhui Yong won the men's singles champion, steel workers of the company Guo Jian Bao, Ruanlu Jun, Zhan Haizhong taking two to four, the women Special Steel Company Xuan Ye, Chinese women swept the top two Ge, printing and dyeing company employees Wangle Yan won the third.
Press digest
Who arranged your life
    On Sunday, you enjoy the rare leisure, going to watch a minute book, listen to some music.
    You come to buy a new disc, is unpacked, the phone bell rang, you look at the name on the screen jump, do not want to take, you can ring Buyiburao, you sighed and picked up.
Obviously tired, turned the moment, but you explained: "I'm sorry, I just was in the bathroom."
    Frequent crying over the phone, your scalp tingling, and friends beam need of comfort - she always needs work or do not know the feelings of this problem, you do a good job preparing the hot ears.
    More than an hour later.
    Until you hear the phone beeps, there are other phones, we finally get rid of chatter in the beam.
    Leading a new phone call, he gave you a new task, but not related to work: "Quick! Night I attended a wedding, help me draft a witness address."
    You can say, not at home, but think, feel embarrassed, you nod, "No problem", and turned to open the computer.
The new album is split in half you down.
    After you finally put together such as speech, Young on one of your line. You hide him less, he has started smiling faces greeting sent you, he said: "Sister, help me see the manuscript it."
    He almost saw you, will send you new work, and then demands, "help me to change to change", "help me to recommend a place to publish."
Have you ever tried to shut him, and a common understanding of people fear of being exposed, how much I'm sorry, so you keep him in the online chat tools, keep a time as malignant tumor - a malignant tumor that he is not the only one.
    It was getting dark, your new album yet apart. Suddenly, you remember, yesterday agreed to a colleague on behalf of the buy one brand of cosmetics that you have door between the discount stores. You out the door, my colleagues eyes back and forth as long as you spend half an hour, but you choose in the store, mill gifts, you buy when there is now no more, my colleagues think? All comes down to you and the salesperson said, it go, you go and holding a bag of cosmetics, relieved, but your day is nearly over.
    The problem is you are not happy.
    Your friend receives the beam negative emotions, the pleasure of your mind there is no building, you'd understand what you listen to her habit of not solve the sad, she will make an appointment to talk next. You in a while, out of friendship, but she again and again. She treat you as trash, and you watched the time to throw in the wastebasket.
You refuse to be the hardest, because you do not lead happy, for fear that you are not passionate Young, colleagues say you are not dedicated. But the heart, passion? The premise that someone else is busy, you are happy, too busy to help make sense. The current situation is, you help the busy nine-tenths of whom are the same people, only one-tenth of non-you can not. Hello to speak just because the other party will find you, next time, they got you.
    Your busy day, and a disc has not opened yet.
    If you open the morning goes on disc, in the quiet enjoyment of music, you opened the book again, today you threw in the wastepaper basket to a third of the time out, at least to read a million words.
    Always be your best time and things suddenly take you most want to do often become a sacrifice, and finally turned into luxury, every time you give way, in fact, their most hard-hearted you.
    Gave way. You today so that is a disc, so that tomorrow will be what?
    You do not realize that others in the replacement of your living arrangements, from one day to several days to a longer, gradually, many individuals as a team ... ...
You make a shiver.
    There are always ways of the world, there are always some relationships need to maintain, close friends or old friends, relatives and colleagues, but these account for only part of your life, your time is really to present to family and friends, but not all.
In fact, your heart the most about what other people need you, not you are not one-tenth of what you may be declined nine-tenths. Can you do it one-tenth of people have, are sufficient.
    You say, perhaps, next time someone will pay attention, similar to the situation will not arise?
    You can not expect others to be kind are no longer passive disturb your life, your life you have to seize the initiative. You good today, yesterday, there are certain days have been replaced, not to refuse, you can not stop, do not worry you still waiting for the copy go?
    Do not say you are sorry, the request of any person, is tentative, although it was the gesture is done. Except when a rotten good is your goal, otherwise, that nine tenths of the life of your goals, ideals give way of life - what is more important than they?
    We never can not control what happens, the only control is our attitude when faced with events - no one can arrange your life but your own unless you are willing.