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Zheng-day newsletter February 2008 No. 1

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2008/09/11 11:02
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Snow Capriccio
Xue Wu
My hometown - the beautiful Mayang
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The origin of the Lantern Festival
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Topic over years
    Heat to cold to, but also for one year.
    Year, 12 months, 30 days a month, day, 24 hours, one hour 60 minutes. All told, we spent 360 days a year, 8,640 hours, 518,400 minutes. Think about how much the success or failure in a flash; the number of unfortunate things happened in a moment ... ... life is often so exciting moment of sudden inspiration.
    The face of life, sitting watching clouds. Successful, gratifying; failed, accumulated life experience. Life is like a book, Vientiane to do in the meantime the world. Some people realize from the success of the true meaning of life, some people learned a lesson from the failure. It was successfully carried away, lost their identity, and it was also because of the failure from sink to dust. Write your own book, also written for others to read.
    Some people say, came from a reading of Confucius, learning accession of the Road; middle read Mencius, learn statecraft Road; old age, read Chuang Tzu, born of the road school. In fact, this is a way of saying, sages thought, can be handed down, that is classic. Is a classic, they say things to make the world say. The various generations of their argument is but a footnote in the history of Western philosophy as famous phrase: "The philosophy is for future generations as a footnote to Plato." Therefore, any person, any time reading classics, in the fine fine taste, the rich content of the book of his life. After a year, and older years, enriching the experience.
    Year after year, our role is changing. Pride of life, the celebration of the celebration, without affectation; frustrated, they might lament falling autumn leaves falling into the Indus, Lagerstroemia residual enjoy hibiscus flowers, tears wept. Just do not let success in the way of burden; Do not let frustration be your shadow hearts forever.
    Over the years, we have seen loved ones in peace, perfectly healthy, rarely together. Imposing more than a few minutes to warm days, so a bit more than the world Yan Liang family. Chinese people are obedient, but not articulate. We have gone through a pair of parents who held the hand of a ride another way, we have hold several times to ask? The home to the New Year, take all your pious, respectful, warm and to have a strong pair of hands, hold, although they now no longer so smooth and full of elasticity. That is because we, wind, frost, lost its power and brilliance, to thank them from the heart!
    Take advantage of the Chinese New Year this moment to thank those who had given us to help a friend, send a message, send a New Year's card, say a few words of congratulations, so even more brilliant winter sunshine.
Snow Capriccio
Xue Wu
    Winter occasion, ushered in 50 years once in a heavy snow, so that everyone amazed.
    Durian snow sky, roof, road, mountains, trees, everywhere covered with a thick layer of snow. The world dressed in white, snowy. Branches of the tree, covered with shiny silver bullion hairy, bright eye-catching; look tile, covered with a heavy quilt, owned by and sleep; see the field, a vast white, still open; to see mountains, the clear cool , flowing beauty of holiness.
    Feather-like edelweiss outside kept floating down, our hearts are jumping for joy. Because today, our group together several board Lagerstroemia Hill. Fist of all Moroccan rub all support staff, ready to proceed to the Crape Myrtle Hill, a pedestrian to the foot of the mountain, far as the eye place, full of snow yo Sasa, blowing the dough, fresh, cold.
    We are full of energy, against the wind, snow, marching to start climbing. Everyone singing all the way "to grasp life's every minute, go all the dreams in our hearts, not how rainbow through the storm, no one can casually succeed ... ...", snow flying, we have to a mountainside. Looking at the vast expanse of whiteness, to be snow pressure off the branches, bending the Xizhu snow, in disorder of the road blocked off, it seems to us demonstrations. However, we have a dream in mind, we will never overwhelmed by the storm, was difficult to deter. We will only move forward, because what we want is another highly, another realm - "list of small hills." In this way, sky snow, a team move forward with confidence towards the top ... ...
    Finally to the top of the hill, looked over, all over the world of white, snow all over the world, the kind of beauty, the kind of comfortable, the kind of open, only to taste the top of the mountain. We love fresh snow in the sky to play with the snowman, snowball fights, take a photo ... ... switch between the pupil of the eye, a little snow gently flew into my eyes, close your eyes, dash of cool, dash of cold, let me a hint of triumph.
    I think the levy this day, wind and rain the past five years, as difficult as climbing. Today, the company through restructuring, the real implementation of "autonomous, self-financing, self-restraint and self-development" of the modern enterprise management mechanism, really took to the track of modernization. After nearly two years of hard work, we have made gratifying achievements. Annual output of 15,000 tons of steel high alloy steel forging production line technological transformation project successfully implemented and yielded good results; printing company the advantage of integration of equipment resources, and increase new product development efforts, greatly improving the added value of products; days Wei Through years of exploration efforts, both production and sales finally turned good situation; Greenville real estate development companies have made maple better results, taken a successful first step, the Group has become a new economic Highlights ... ...
Happy with a heavy heart, we started down the mountain, the snow is still falling, harder and harder ... ... "time of misfortune," we look forward to, but wish the sign-day Group business units, in the new year to do more bigger, grow stronger.
    Editor's Note: leave the home, came to the profound cultural background of the town - Maple, Maple habitat hotel for almost four years. Four years, or long or short. But the beauty of Maple and warm days have been gradually integrated into my levy the blood of foreign migrant women, a second home in my heart. However, the Delicate thin clouds, people close to stars far. In particular turn of the year, homesickness is deeply eroded my mind. Only to this article, carry a wandering thoughts of a hometown feeling!
My hometown - the beautiful Mayang
Shu Hung
    Mayang Miao Autonomous County is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Huaihua City, one of the "orange crystal sugar town" "Chinese folk painting village" reputation, we can see the charm of his hometown is indeed not small.
    Here is the beautiful world, is the paradise of the holy is paradise on earth. I especially love the Creator, the Local, in addition to the vast orange forests, fertile Miao style, almost all the natural wonders of geological and ecological wonders of the land is in the mountains of Hunan and Guizhou left and iconic sights. Volley cliffs, rivers, Pentium, canyons and stitched, mountain pingba, unusual flowers, trees dark green vines ... ... together to fight the south-central a truly green city.
    Home beauty, beauty in nature. Stretching of a towering mountain, such as mother's arms to cuddle in his arms gently home. Peak unrestrained wind, wind erosion has created strange loose rocks in Wonderland, but also for local economic growth to provide a new point. Yo Jin Jiang, Lian Lian blue, to his hometown as the source. Unique karst geology, underground river caverns so widespread as to the most unusual rock dragon cave, it is also the pride of his hometown. Rock dragon hole ah! Your every drop of blood, every piece of skin, every bones, is a big big! Discover how many elves ah! And lifts her torch of life, in your chest in the hard, painfully Stumble with, and even flashed the final flare of life, but you still hiding the secret of endless ... .... Beautiful natural scenery, is increasingly becoming a pillar industry of home, protection of natural and economic take-off is hand in hand.
    Hometown America, the United States in the property. Rapeseed, citrus, sun cured tobacco, a small seed peanuts, tea, watermelon, beans, chestnuts, goat, goose, big duck, vegetables, etc., has been named Shuiguozhixiang Hunan Province, China, the orange crystal sugar Township, the National Tobacco production base in the county of Red Sun. Since the nineties has been outstanding hilly mountain development, to develop high-efficiency agriculture, the formation of a citrus, watermelon, farming, vegetables four major product, has become the pillar industry of agriculture. Seedless watermelons are exported overseas, a neighboring prefecture-level cities vegetable production base; sorghum as raw material in local liquor Jinjiang Prince has won ministerial, provincial honor; to local small seed peanuts peanuts as raw material, the strange eighteen, ten Eight strange sausages and other products is a unique flavor to a very local flavor of specialty products. Rich natural resources, is a step by step out of the mountainous areas of Hunan and Guizhou, to the world.
    Hometown America, the United States in the humanities. Seven Wonders of nature, creating a hometown beauty of landscapes, cultural harmony and beauty of this breed is also growing. Mayang rich cultural resources, unique custom Miao village. Mayang is the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries, the uprising Pingjiang one of the leaders of New China's first Minister of Railways, on behalf of the CPPCC National Committee Vice Chairman Teng far comrades home is Humpbacked Liu-style generation of "Strange Hill" the home of recommended Manchao, celebrity men . Mayang peasant painting is famous, has participated in many painting exhibited at home and abroad, the Ministry of Culture has been named the "Modern Chinese Folk Painting the town." Mayang Miao Nationality has a long history, national customs and unique culture is the kind Panhu retained most of the intangible form of cultural preservation richest counties, Folk Culture Village Panhu Institute of Hunan Province named Tony "Panhu cultural research base", is a Miao village magic.
    Hometown America, the United States in the modern, the United States in the economic take-off, the United States in the development.
    Magnificent picturesque Riverside Road, Walking Street, it is a sign of modernization; blocks of skyscrapers, is clear the home off the potential of the economy; Chi Liu and Yu-Huai west trunk route of the railway over, will set out to non-home estimate prospects; a seat viaduct, a tunnel through the mountain section, a circle of winding roads, is to show the world the infinite power of the people; Miao specialty technology in the heritage combined with modern technology, for the children to bring huge Miao income; charming natural scenery, unique ethnic customs and attract a large number of overseas tourists to drive home is not only the development of tourism associated with a number of industries in their development; wide straight streets, an endless stream of vehicles, fast pace of life, making the town more modern and civilized. Use adjacent to Zhangjiajie - Jishou - Phoenix Tourist Circle and the advantages of rich human resources, highlighting the tourist corridor to create Mayang to Phoenix, and carefully building a good spring and the Chinese Loess Reservoir Panhu tribal folk culture village Panhu leading projects, that tourism will become a new economic growth point of the county.
    Ah, this mud, rain, Miao accent bred voice, a trace of elegant simplicity, as in ordinary crops home hill and dale, in the sun's touch, the robust and clear, inadvertently out from the mountains, out of China, to the world ... ... ....
Time to end of the year, homesickness wells. Best wishes folks back home in the new year, happy, perfectly healthy!
Archives Forum
After conversion of Enterprise Archives
    For the establishment of "property rights clearly established, separation of enterprise and scientific management" of the modern enterprise system, speed up the sign-day development of enterprises. After the restructuring, the enterprises, "independent accounting, autonomous, self-financing, self-restraint and self-development" of the modern enterprise management mechanisms. This is undoubtedly the work of the enterprise's archives has brought new challenges and opportunities for development. Archives how to adapt the needs of enterprise restructuring, it is left to each of our corporate archivist must be carefully thought and discussion of problems and we need to do the corresponding work file workers. This combined with the Company's actual knowledge based on his experience, on a more superficial view.
    First, the enterprise, centralized management of file to
    Centralized management of files, only one of the basic principles of archival work, but also modern enterprise must have the basic conditions. We rely on the company sign-day integrated water management developed township enterprises, under more than a dozen business units. Corporate restructuring, the property is more clear, more explicit powers and responsibilities, interests more directly. Archives to meet the needs of enterprise transformation, we established the company as the center comprehensive archives, archives-based enterprises, unified leadership, unified by the combination, classification is responsible for the management system. If the company files the original in the book belong to the company employees saved a copy distributed to all corporate depository. Land use permits, land acquisition agreements, are owned by the company management, companies only keep a copy and so on. We also have records management network group, regular meetings, discussions on solving the problems in a timely manner, so that the file management system and work to gradually improve, so that the file management information integration, system, network, human resources professional, systematic work modernization of management. The archives for the company to truly become the main economic construction.
    Second, work to strengthen the awareness of enterprise file
    Company after the restructuring, the company and business relationship between the parent-subsidiary relationship change from the relative independence of the enterprise. Enterprises also should have an independent power companies, which have a legal representative of the qualified Chairman (General Manager) is not only necessary to grasp the production and management aspects of the work, but also of corporate management to work. There is a corporate management is closely related with the success of enterprise indispensable work, that is file management. My company and the business leaders have a strong sense of archival work, which is also very effective measures, the companies have established archives, and with a strong sense of dedication and responsibility of full-time archivist. Assessment should be carried out each year in the examination and testing in a large fraction of the file, and the assessment is very small, and all enterprises in this piece are also doing very well. As leaders attach importance to the work of solid, so that the company files a certain level work, now there are two enterprise file management by objectives of the provincial level.
    Third, the shift operation mechanism, change management
    Corporate restructuring, the archivists is a new test file work to adapt to the needs of the market economy to market economy, we need a large ocean find their own work place. We must use our brains, in the development and utilization efforts to improve the breadth and depth of information. Changes in service mode, expand the service channels, the simple type into open custody, the passive service into active service. As the company archivist, there must be three ground: Tuiqin, mouth ground, Shouqin, the ground contact to the parties activities, handling publicity to the parties, eager to collect and collate information for a variety of leadership reference. Changed in the past the kind of "sit back and wait" type of file reception and sorting and passive services operating mechanism. Currently, we have out of the traditional "passive management" model, to take a new development needs of modern enterprise management mode, to take a combination of static and dynamic, models and combine the information and network professionals who combine regular services and a combination of any service management methods. Only in this way, the file work to heel in the tide of reform unchanging, and seek development.
    Fourth, practical work, constant innovation
    To improve the work of modern archives, we need practical work, constant innovation. My company's archives, support for the leadership of the City Archives, the group led by full-time management attention and positive efforts, the company's archives advanced goal management to the provincial level. Archival work is a work in contemporary social cause will benefit future generations, there must be "a willing ox bow" in the spirit, to "good business, practical and meticulous" We should not undeserved reputation, and work. I file workers, both full-time or part-time archivist archivists, both in business and assiduously, can be serious and responsible in their work. Archives for the needs of enterprise restructuring, we have established a new operation for the company file management system, and developed a "network file system for personnel management", "archives reward system", "keeping the scope and duration of the archive file" "file management agencies and their duties", "file filing filing system" and so on rules and regulations, to file rules to follow. With the actual, also established a systematic, diversified search tools, the "sign important documents, company directories days", "sign-day special land acquisition company directory," "archives files directory", "technology files files directory "," the cadres and workers file directory "," special vector file directory ", etc., thereby greatly improving the efficiency of file retrieval.
    Era in the development, the concept of the update, system is changing. To improve the work of modern archives, they must have the idea of reform, constantly seeking innovation. The only way to meet the needs of modern enterprises, to better serve the business economic development, promote enterprise development.
Press digest
The origin of the Lantern Festival
    The first month of the 15th annual Lunar New Year, Spring Festival, is to usher in the Chinese traditional festival - the Lantern Festival.
    In January the first month is the lunar calendar, the ancients called the night a "night", so called for the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival. The first month on the 15th of the year the first full moon night, also starts with one, born in spring night, people have celebrated, but also to celebrate New Year's continuity. Lantern Festival, also known as the "Lantern Festival."
    According to Chinese folk traditions, in the bright moon hanging in the night sky, people having lights ten thousand, to celebrate. Out the full moon, EEP Fang Yan, hi riddles of food Lantern, family reunion, celebrating holidays, enjoyable.
    Lantern Festival, also known as the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival since the Han Dynasty from the custom of EEP. Yongping Han Emperor Ming period (AD 58-75), to promote Buddhism by Emperor Ming, Cai Yin falls on Mount drink Tuo States from India during the fifteenth, the monks gathered visited the relics, is the auspicious day of Buddha participation really good time. Han Emperor Ming to promote Buddhism, ordered the fifteenth night in the palace and the temple, "Lotus Lantern Table Buddha." Since then, the custom of the Lantern Festival lights put on hold in the court from which only spread to people.
    The Tang Dynasty, lantern activities are more prosperous, the Royal Palace, the street lights hanging everywhere, but also to build tall light wheel, floor lamps and light the tree, the Tang poet Lu Zhaolin was in the "fifth night lanterns" in this description of the Lantern Festival Enlightening the grand occasion, "Han suspect Starfall then, according to House, like hanging on."
    Pay more attention to the Song Lantern Festival, lanterns activities are more lively, lantern activities should be 5 days, the style of lamp is more abundant. Ming lanterns consecutive 10 days, which is the longest of the Lantern Festival. Qing lantern activities although only 3 days, but the main attraction activities, large, unprecedented, in addition to Lotus Lantern, but also add to the fun fireworks.
    "Guessing lantern riddles" is also called "playing riddles" is an activity increased after the Lantern Festival, appeared in the Song Dynasty. Southern Song Dynasty, the capital of Lin'an during the Lantern Festival when the system fans, puzzles many people. Hearts softened to the start of a riddle written on a piece of paper, attached to the colorful lights for persons guess. Because the riddle could inspire wisdom and interest, so the spreading process was welcomed by all sectors of society.
    Folk Custom Lantern Festival Lantern Festival to eat. Lantern is made from the glutinous rice, or solid, with or without stuffing. Filling with red bean paste, sugar, hawthorn, all kinds of materials such as fruits, edible when cooked, fried, steamed, fried can be. At first, people put this kind of food called "floating Mariko", later known as the "dumpling" or "dumpling", which names the "reunion" pronunciation is similar, taking the meaning of reunion, a symbol of family unity and happiness, harmony and happiness, people also The memory of loved ones farewell, and placed on the future life of a desire.
    Lantern Festival in some places there are "walking fits all" practices, also known as the "roast sickness", "San sickness", the participants are women, they go hand in hand or go against the wall, or bridge, and take effect outside the The purpose is to drive illness disaster.
    Over time, the Festival more than a few places increased playing time lantern festival, playing the lion, walking on stilts, is zoned Hanchuan dancing, playing drums and other traditional folk performances peace. This tradition has been more than two thousand years of traditional festivals, not only popular in the Taiwan Straits, overseas Chinese in the neighborhood is also celebrated every year is not bad.
Honours List
    ● Zheng days Zhuji City Group is rated as advanced enterprises in 2007, energy-saving contest
    ● Zheng days Zhuji City People's Government Group has been awarded the 2008 municipal scale enterprises.
    ● January 2008, Communist Party imposed by the CCP Group, Maple-day party town seven years as the two OO advanced party.
    ● February 2008, Printing and Dyeing Company, Zhuji Youth League Youth League has been named the top ten private enterprises in the group built a model unit.
    ● February 2008, Tian-Wei Biochemical Company laboratories Zhuji Youth Civilization by the Commission as the 2007 Youth Civilization Zhuji city.
    ● Xuanhan Kang was awarded the 2007 Maple town government investment advanced individuals.


    ● Xuanjian Wei, Yi F, small, square tide, Ji-Nan, Zhou Yongjiang, Jin Liyong Maple Town party as being an outstanding member in 2007.
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