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Newsletter sign-day June 2008 3

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2008/09/11 11:03
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Sign-day newsletter (bimonthly) June 2008 3 (Total 100)

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S first language
One hundred reflections
Security Corner
Safety - always the responsibility of
Heart hit
Heart love offering disaster relief
- Printing and Dyeing Company employee contributions Sidelights
Write youth spent welding spatter
- Record young workers skills contest winner Wei Haoxiang
Activities Sidelights
Zheng thirteenth day workers organized Table Tennis Group
Group held the fourth levy day activities of young workers skills contest
Press digest
Read of the life


S first language
One hundred words a sense of
    June 2008, "Zheng-day newsletter" as the only enterprise sign-day Group of publications, published 100.
    100, "sign-day newsletter" sign-day witnessed the process of career ups and downs, there have been brilliant, also accompanied by a little loss.
    100, is a memorable moment because it is engraved with the growth process, but also to write a bright future.
    Ten years, "Zheng-day newsletter" to their own unique perspective, through the unremitting efforts to continuously develop, introduce new words reflect the company built a news report corporate events, promotional company policy, demonstrate the company's image in the sky.
    Looking back on ten years of history, harvesting, there are hard, there are growing efforts. Water-free period, softly, precipitation in the past years. Looking ahead, we know that there is smooth along the way, more thorns, founded as early as we will be full of vitality and hope, to do live good corporate publications. Whitman's poem you remember: "No matter how far you look, there are still infinite space on the outside; no matter how long you can count, there are still countless unlimited time."
    Today, the "newsletter sign-day" already has a large number of readers, the levy day this family has been associated with their work lives, as their mentor. On this occasion published 100 issues, "Zheng days Bulletin" editor's most sincere best wishes to the readers. Thank you to "sign-day Bulletin" published support, thank you to "sign-day newsletter," the active contributors, thank you for the care of the sign-day business.
    Because the newsletter, we all walks of life come together friends;
    Because the newsletter, we have a common topic;
    Because the newsletter, we have a bridge;
    Because the newsletter, we will work together to move forward.
Security Corner
Safety - always the responsibility of
* Ruanlu Jun
    Tragic, "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake has in the past more than one month, let's share and put away a heavy heart, because life goes on, we determined if a more strong, more energetic passion to improve our their own building, which is the best memorial of the dead. In the realization of self-worth, improve the company's economic construction, we can not repeat - safety in production.
    Slips, six months is about the past, take stock of what, by the earthquake tragedy in the shadow on the earth, but also occurred in the number of production safety accidents is aggrieved. Turn on the computer, search, front is a string of startling data, a section of live lives lost. One lesson from the bloody, we see many of the incidents should not happen, all human-induced accidents, ah, we can not forget the former State Administration of Work Safety Li Yizhong outraged angry eyes, but also not forget the death Tears of Blood piercing cries of the families, life, can not be copied.
    We often use the "responsibility is extremely heavy" to describe the weight of responsibility, but only after the loss when the accident happened, can we truly realize that there are multiple accountability in the end. How many times, weighing the weight of responsibility is a life bar gone, how many times, and that bearing the weight of the heartache of life only in the scenes of the tragedy of the moment, and then immediately disappear, again and again! Is every lesson needs to wake up with blood, our sense of responsibility it? Obviously, this disease has become a pain, we must change.
In most uneventful days, due diligence is a monotonous and hard work, so easy to slack off spirit, sense of relaxation, occasionally stealing a bit lazy, if not what happened, but also easy to breed out of chances , loss of self-restraint in place of responsibility, but the crisis is in our unconscious thoughts a little bit slowly approaching landslide, in each case, accidents, we should have completed prison where the vulnerability could not find it?
Looking back now the work of our current production safety situation, does not optimistic, though six months is not what happens to a major accident, but there have been several serious accidents in danger almost haunt people, and beating, a class of equipment damage security incidents is on many occasions, is that really enough to cause us to attach great importance to it? Notice the occurrence of major accidents, it is a little bit of paralysis in the thinking of the accumulation of unsafe behavior to a certain extent the inevitable result.
As a modern enterprise system, each of the cadres and workers under the responsibility needs to be further emphasized the importance, especially in the current onerous production tasks, in sweltering heat in the workplace, we must guard against the harm caused by neglect of duty. After all, a good safe operation of a safety management depends on each link, only every aspect of normal operation, it may bring the entire production of the normal operation of enterprise security.
    Thankfully, corporate safety work has been highly valued at all levels of government, issued a document does not say that many times also sent people to visit the company inspection and supervision, safety guide our work. Company leadership is repeatedly stressed, patiently, and actively guide the full set of security from a strong sense of responsibility, which will greatly promote the company's safety work. When we take this opportunity to pay close attention to production safety work realistically do a good job, and strive to create a safe, harmonious, dynamic model-based enterprises.
    Let each employee can enhance their own sense of responsibility, to work it to every one, this is the most realistic, because we co-exist in the same family, and sustains the well-being with each other, let us work together it!
Heart hit
Heart love offering disaster relief
- Printing and Dyeing Company employee contributions Sidelights
* Yang Erjin
    At 14:28 on May 12, 2008, Sichuan Province and other places occurred 8 earthquake. The sudden earthquake caused huge casualties and property losses. Looked at many homeless people, looked at the rising number of casualties, watching the disaster scene ruins, everyone's hearts are filled with boundless grief and hammer sigh. Earthquake shocked the nation, but also shocked the hearts of each person. Chinese people once again facing a severe test!
    A difficult one, P Plus support, disaster no mercy. After the disaster, we are printing company leaders held an emergency special session of disaster relief donations, organized by the party and government work group women, to launch relief activities of all employees to donate. A given initiative, leadership and action to all employees, and emergency disaster areas of needs, solutions are hard to hit the masses, active, active to join the earthquake relief donation activities in the past. "I donated 20", "I donated 50", "I donated 100", everyone you donate, I donate a little, love will soon come together to form the marine ... ... 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan, 200, 300 ... ..., and some employees even to all who donated all the cash out of a small cardboard box filled with a heavy love. The scene in the contributions of many moving scenes: There are over 70 old comrades Chen Zhiyuan took 100 contributions normally live frugally love, said: "I was the second donation, expressing their mind"; the company has received hardship to take care of several comrades on a 5-100 per month tax contributions, they said: "We have suffered difficulties and also received help from others, a man must be conscience, we see on television people of disaster areas difficult life than many of us, although we do not have much money to donate, but it is a little something for us. "A young workers, says very much, saving, this time he once donated 200 yuan, said the word : true when the suffering people of disaster areas, I shed tears while watching TV, if economic conditions permit ... I really want to donate some more .... This is how simple words and actions, ah, admirable. At 19, printing and dyeing company 45,853 yuan accumulated contributions of all employees (more than 200 donations, 76-bit), it is each employee of our compatriots that we mind!
    Earthquake in Wenchuan, the pain in my heart. In this sudden disaster, we can not for the sharing of the Wenchuan all the people, but we can give them some help, a trace of human warmth. We believe that, because of your dedication, the world will become more harmonious and warm; because of your actions, China will have the ability to overcome all difficulties to achieve our common national ideal. A difficult one, P Plus support. Because we are both descendants of the same for the Chinese people, we work with the top piece of heaven, earth with one step, so we want to hit people that you hurt, I hurt, you sad, I sad, but the curve did not take , there is no life difficult for the Hom, I believe rainbow after the storms, let us unite as one to earthquake relief, and wish people of disaster areas rebuild their homeland.
Write youth spent welding spatter
- Record young workers skills contest winner Wei Haoxiang
* Zhou Ruifeng
    Weihao Xiang won the prize, sign-day Group of the fourth Young Workers skills contest champion. Many people may wonder, sign-day champion of what is good within the curious, but this really worth surprising for two reasons: First, the examination papers in the national skills exam topics randomly generated, the whole event from the Zhuji Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau Occupational Skill Testing Center throughout the supervision and evaluation; Second, the activities of the first issuance of the national contest Senior Industrial Vocational qualification certificates.
    In 1997, Wei Haoxiang days from sign to sign-day aluminum products plant machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd., to become a welder. As apprentices, the work of Wei Haoxiang arrived to the new environment encountered problems. The first time the company produced steel radial gate, the door to reduce the arc welding deformation, in the process, calls for arc welding between the door of the beam, in the positioning can not be reflexive, to be a one-time welding. Have established a variety of welding welding, welding Yang, Wang Li welding, etc., all seem extremely strange sounds, not to mention the actual operation. Companies from outside the unit hired a senior welder, by his actions do the demonstration, and is responsible for the quality of welding. When the teacher looked at a variety of readily draw an arc on the plate into a beautiful shape, everything seemed so elegant. This is a great influence on the Wei Haoxiang, he determined to start from scratch, devote ourselves to research, learn to master, to textbook learning, learning from the older generation, striving to be an excellent welder. It was with this spirit of dice, he bought a "welding process", "Welders Handbook", "Pressure welding equipment", "shaped material welding technology," and many of the professional books. Skills training, followed his master during the day and night, self-theory. Technical problems encountered in the construction, he recorded in the book, and at night to find information. Hard work pays off, he not only mastered the skills of various welding methods, but also got some only in college to learn welding theory.
    By chance, see Jiang Yong Zhao Wei Haoxiang deeds, it was November 2005, in Salt Opteron welders Jiang Yong Zhao days source companies to participate in the central business technology contest. A month in training, Jiang Yong Zhao every day with a full arc, manual arc welding and pipe the first practice nearly 30, just making it would take nearly three hours. This appears to be repeated in the others, boring and monotonous content, Jiang Yong Zhao was full of fun. Through continuous efforts, Jiang Yong Zhao obtained good results, and later became a national model workers in light industry. This allows Wei Haoxiang find mind, "Idol", the same background, same industry, same people, then they can do I can do, an unyielding spirit of the old, the spirit is really motivated him silently before line.
    Wei Haoxiang welding technology in recent years has been a minor celebrity in the unit, but he did not at a standstill, but to put forward their own higher requirements. In production, he often encounter a variety of welding, if improper operation, there will not weld cracks and intensity of the phenomenon. To overcome these shortcomings, he was to find information, after repeated experiments, eventually discovered the problem, and the actual production, improved welding method, using a variety of welding methods to solve welding problems. In 2000, he represented the company to participate in Bureau of Education of China's hydropower second welding and technical training. During the study, he combined the characteristics of complex and diverse products, the initiative to experts, professors ask Gezhong position of welding technology, through study, he mastered a variety of position welding. Inf, relying on such a tireless spirit, Wei Haoxiang achieved good results. Last year, he was responsible for welding the wall of rock in the reservoir dam and spillway gate metal structure installation works have been excellent. In this contest, Wei Haoxiang has accumulated by his own practice for many years, with outstanding results far ahead of other players, won the first.
Wei Haoxiang is a very shy person, when reporters interviewed him, asked him what made such excellent results, he just said this sentence: "an honest man, working sense." He is such a real people, in the ordinary post to do extraordinary performance, with bright flowers welding spatter youth write their own chapter.
    Growth from an ordinary electric welder, a welding technology for the experts, Wei Haoxiang the sentiment is: more than one way to SUCCESS. As long as a down, study hard and serious work must be based on the job, dream of success!
Activities Sidelights
Zheng thirteenth day workers organized Table Tennis Group
    Leisure and cultural life for the active workers, improving their physical fitness, enhance cohesion, May 16, sign-day table tennis company in the steel company held its thirteenth staff room table tennis. Companies by more than 30 different business units of the athletes participated in the intense rivalry.
    The scene in the game, table tennis table next to, and to life the players on the scene. Players are very serious, the rules of the unambiguous technique. Referee with a straight face, not accommodation. Push shot, smash, spin ... ... every action there is norm-like, myriad forms. Someone shouted: game surge! Some people stamp their feet: less competent! Whether the ball every rival or "stature", everyone is an expression of happiness and contentment. Players who sweat soaked clothes, the air filled with a heated flavor.
    By race, printing and dyeing company Xuanhui Yong, Ye Steel Company declared a women's singles title respectively reelected, the men were second to the fourth Ruanlu Jun, Xuan Shaozhong, Zhan Haizhong. The second woman, three women were Ge Hua, Luo Tiehua.
Group held the fourth levy day activities of young workers skills contest
    To conscientiously implement the Zhuji Municipal Government "to further strengthen the construction of highly skilled personnel opinions" and Zhuji Municipal League Committee on the "Young Workers Skills revitalization plan", to further deepen the "innovation Chuangxiao" and "Youth skilled positions," activities, to develop young workers and foster high-quality team, May 18, levy the fourth day the company held a contest for young workers skills.
    The examination papers in the national skills competition exam topics randomly generated, the whole event from the Zhuji Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau Occupational Skill Testing Center throughout the supervision and evaluation. Competition is divided into theory and practical operation of the two projects, Practice competition Machinery Company in the sign-day workshop held in metal structure, the company owned 29 different business units of young workers to participate in the competition.
    After the match, Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau and was first player on the national senior engineer Wei Haoxiang issued professional qualification certificates, Chen Xiaofeng, Feng Huan roots ten players have passed the examination results issued by the Intermediate Public vocational qualification certificates.
Press digest
Students read of people
    Life is like a big thick book, waiting for people to write by hand, but also waiting for people to read carefully, to taste.
    Life, this book may not be as fictional as the ups and downs, like prose, as beautiful deep, nor as abstract as poetry obscure, its content is more ordinary people and things, and even plain was like a glass of water. But as long as you carefully read what this cup, "drinking water" will become a glass of mellow wine, is memorable.
    Read of the life, first learn to read of the others. Each and every friend in life, teachers, and even every passing, can give us helpful suggestions. Confucius said: three rows, must be my teacher. Each person has different advantages, we should learn, then, Confucius studied with different scholars, such as Tan Son, Chang Hong, and even at this debate from the two children learned little things from different angles of view from the answers different reason. Cao, Xi-ping two professors who study the past to get inspiration, the ultimate proof that "the world's seven major problems" such as Lai Pang, one of conjecture. Good product as long as the reading enlightening for everyone, even the beggars on the square the musicians, but also make people feel optimistic about life and his love of life. Read of the others, is a form of communication, is a study.
    Read of the life, to learn to read of the failure and pain. Edison failed a thousand times and read of it and eventually succeeded in inventing the light bulb; Goujian read of the failure of the country and bitter mourning, hardships, in one fell swoop Conquest of Wu, a disgrace before the snow; Lance Armstrong and read of the suffering of cancer, has become even stronger not only defeated the disease, but returned to the beloved bike racing. Failure and pain is tempered, a test, so that in the glow of gold in the fiery glow, the fire in the bath so that Phoenix Nirvana. Read of the failure and pain, not only read of the failures, but also a dare to face courage; products Reading failure and pain, is a face, is a sentiment.
    Read of the life, but also to learn and read of the success and joy. Both thorns in the road of life there are flowers, and read of the success and joy, people learn to treasure and cherish the hard-won success, to cherish the present happiness, but also people learn to forge ahead, do not stop, not satisfied, to a higher attack the peak. Greatly improved the conditions of modern life, happiness is greatly reduced, and why? Because modern forgotten and read of the joy, forget the treasure of happiness. Marie Curie discovered radioactive polonium, after the Nobel Prize awards, both treasure this achievement, but also refused to stand still, but continue to explore, discover a more valuable radium, earned his second Nobel Prize. She read of the success, and a correct understanding of success, have a greater success. Read of the success and joy, is a taste, but also a transcendence.
    Read of the life, body absorb nutrients from the others.
    Read of the life lessons learned from the failure to obtain.
    Read of the life, learn to cherish in the success.
    Book of life, we need to write by hand, but we need a careful read of the. Each one of them smiles and tears, success and failure of each one will read of the constantly repeated refinements, continue to beautify, as collections of bright pearls, the treasure of our life.
    ●April 3 To  April 5, the eighth floor conference room at the Maple Hotel organized a training levy-day bench test group, a total of 36 young workers to participate. The examination by the municipal labor department is responsible for evaluation. After examination, you have made young workers issued by the state labor department fitter initial vocational qualification certificates. The event is aimed at further enhancing the level of the professional skills of young workers, to better serve the enterprise.
    ● June 4, sponsored by the Union Zhuji City, Zhejiang Kaida Machine Tool Company Limited hosted "Al Qaeda Cup," the city's crane operator skill competitions held in the Al Qaeda group. Eleven companies the city's 34 players participated in the competition, the company's steel king by the river, Chen Hongxing two players to participate. The competition is divided both theoretical knowledge and practical operation of the content. Through the tight game, two players stand out I made a good second and fifth grades. Respectively Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau issued senior and intermediate vocational qualification certificates.
    ● May 12, 2008 14:00 28 points, Sichuan Province and other places 8 earthquake. A difficult one, P Plus support, disaster no mercy. Zheng day all our staff to hit people love and contributed a total of 250,757 yuan, of which units contribute 10 million, individual workers contribute 109,007 yuan, 41,750 yuan of special membership dues.