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Computer development

In just a few decades since the birth of the first electronic computer in the world, computer technology has experienced rapid development. The average computing speed of electronic computers has reached millions, tens of millions, or even thousands or tens of trillions of times per second. Taking the logic elements that make up the computer hardware as a sign, to summarize, the development of electronic computers has roughly gone through several stages such as tubes, transistors, small and medium-sized integrated circuits to large-scale ultra-large-scale integrated circuits.

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Zhengtian Group Computer Course Teaching Plan

A complete computer system consists of two parts, namely a hardware system and a software system. The so-called hardware refers to the physical equipment constituting the computer system, that is, the physical components composed of mechanical and electronic devices. Software is also called "soft device", in a broad sense software refers to the collection of all documents. The word "computer" when we usually refer to a computer system that contains hardware and software.

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Wubi input method for mobile phones

Wubi input method for mobile phones

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